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ON JONES STREET- Public hearing on HHS budget

The Health and Human Services Budget Appropriations sub-committee has been getting an earful for the past two days. It opens its meeting up to a public hearing to see what advocates and citizens had to say about the budget process. As expected, there was plea after plea by lobbyists and others to save their allocation in the spending plan. There were also a few impassioned pleas from parents and others who say this isn’t just "groups" who will be affected… it hits closer to home for them. Here are a few of the testimonies:

ON JONES STREET- Perdue names new staffers

Governor Bev Perdue is poaching a member of the general assembly to serve as her newest staff member. Anson and Union County representative Pryor Gibson has been named as her new senior advisor for governmental affairs. He is replacing Andy Willis- who has been moved to serve as the administration’s director of the State Department of Budget and Management.
Mark Davis, who currently serves as a special deputy in the Dept. of Justice, will be Perdue’s new general counsel.

ON JONES STREET: Dust settling after budget proposal

The dust is settling one day after Governor Bev Perdue released her budget proposal. There is a not a lot of outcry from groups- but some definite concerns. I spoke with the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners who say there are big problems with her proposal to “push” some funding obligations down to the local level. It says it will be lobbying hard to convince lawmakers to get rid of that when they approve a final spending plan.
Meanwhile, Perdue has hit the road today to try to “sell” her budget proposals to newspapers and people across the state. She is meeting with editorial boards and making some public appearances to talk about her spending plan.
She says when she is done with this tour- she will head back to Raleigh to decide what to do about Senate Bill 13. As late as yesterday, Perdue says she is still considering it- but always adds the caveat that she does NOT like the section about clawing back dollars from several state incentives funds.
She has until next Wednesday to decide what to do. Any thoughts on whether or not this will be Perdue’s first veto of this legislative session?