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Capital Tonight July 17: Duke Energy’s Completion of Coal Ash Spill Cleanup

On Capital Tonight: We’ll discuss if the state should limit how much the government can raise the sales tax. Also, Duke Energy says it is finished cleaning up the Dan River coal ash spill, but is it? And the state appears to be moving on from Common Core education standards. We’ll discuss if this is a permanent move or not. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight July 16: Journalists and the State Legislature Study

On Capital Tonight: Hear more about a new Medicaid plan from the Senate and how Common Core is on its way out. Also, Phil Berger Jr. loses to Mark Walker in the 6th District runoff. We’ll dig into why and what’s next. Plus, the author of a study explains how states stack up covering state legislatures. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight July 15: Libertarian candidate Sean Haugh

On Capital Tonight: Libertarian US Senate candidate Sean Haugh is getting national attention for his insurgent campaign. We ask him what he thinks about all the attention. And our Insiders Kerra Bolton and Andy Yates break down the budget debate and runoff elections. Watch the program here.

Candidates Prepare for Democratic 5th District Congressional Runoff

WINSTON-SALEM — Democratic 5th District Congressional candidate Gardenia Henley is making a stop at Providence Moravian Church, to make sure she gets her name before as many voters as possible heading into the poll.

“I’m just out and about putting yard signs at the various precincts for the 5th District, and talking to people door to door,” said Henley.

Her opponent, Josh Brannon, is also trying to increase his name recognition with an electronic billboard along Business 40 in Winston-Salem.

“We’ve done just about all we can do regarding campaigning for the primary. Today we’re putting together a video to tell Virginia Foxx what we think about her politics,’’ said Brannon.

The winner faces incumbent Virginia Foxx, who’s held the seat since first being elected in 2004.

At Forsyth Democratic Party Headquarters, officials have also been busy fielding phone calls.

“People are calling in, asking for information about the election,’’ said Susan Campbell, the Forsyth County Democratic Party chairman.

Since the lines have been redrawn since the last election, there are questions.

“There are quite a few voters who are not aware that their Congressional district has changed,’’ said Campbell.

Regardless of the outcome, officials are already preparing for the November election including discussing early voting sites and planning on taking advantage of the focus on North Carolina’s U.S. Senate race.

“We want to make sure that once they come out to vote for those candidates, they also vote for our county commissioners and school board candidates because they’re really important to our community,’’ said Campbell.

Both candidates plan on a full day on election day.

“Visiting polls, and talking with people, and knocking on doors, and if I need too, I’ll bring people to the poll,’’ said Henley.

“I’m going to try and get as many counties as I can, of course, you know, based around Forsyth, since it’s the biggest,’’ said Brannon.

The polls open at 6:30 a.m. and close at 7:30 p.m.

- Bob Costner

Capital Tonight July 14: Dems targeting single women voters

On Capital Tonight: Democrats are targeting single women voters for the 2014 midterm elections. Will it help Kay Hagan keep her seat? We ask Davidson College’s Susan Roberts. And Luke Mullins joins the Reporter Roundtable to talk about his profile piece on DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight July 11: Bow Tie Caucus

On Capital Tonight: The Bow Tie Caucus convenes! Michael Bitzer and Joe Stewart break down the runoff elections and the budget talks in Raleigh. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight July 10: Political polarization

On Capital Tonight: A new study from Duke University suggests that moderate candidates won’t run for office because of polarized political climate. Lawmakers Duane Hall and Tom Murry give us a peek inside the budget negotiations. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight July 8: Charlotte resident ID card program

On Capital Tonight: Charlotte is considering a resident ID card program, but immigration reform groups oppose it. We parse the issue with Ron Woodard and Stefan LeTorre. And, our Insiders Perry Woods and Tyler Cralle debate the issues.

Capital Tonight July 7: Same-sex marriage cases

On Capital Tonight: A forthcoming decision from the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals on Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban could have significant impact of North Carolina. We talk with Mike Meno of the ACLU-NC and Greg Wallace of Campbell Law School. Lynn Bonner of the News & Observer joins Reporter Roundtable. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight July 4: NC State Archives

On Capital Tonight: We take you into the NC State Archives to get a look at the state’s original copy of the Bill of Rights and the Halifax Resolves. Plus, Gary Harris of the NC Petroleum and Convenience Marketers tells us how high gas prices are going to be for summer traveling. Watch the program here.