Capital Tonight episodes

Capital Tonight Feb. 13: Bow Tie Caucus

Capital_Tonight_logoOn Capital Tonight: Beck Gray of the John Locke Foundation and Rep. Tricia Cotham join the Bow Tie Caucus to talk economic incentives and more. We talk with Prof. Charlie Tuggle from UNC Journalism School about the media coverage of the Chapel Hill shooting.

Capital Tonight Feb. 12: Poverty and Public Schools

Capital_Tonight_logoOn Capital Tonight: Do the state’s new performance grades hurt poor schools? We talk with Helen Ladd and Edward Fiske about how poverty affects public schools. Reps. Pat Hurley and Ken Goodman talk about the gas tax bill and revenue projections in our Lawmakers segment. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight Feb. 11: Rep. Mark Meadows

Capital_Tonight_logoOn Capital Tonight: The president asks Congress for authorization to fight the Islamic State. We ask Rep. Mark Meadows about the authorization request and the new Freedom Caucus. Donald Bryson of AFP-NC and Rob Schofield of NC Justice Center debate the gas tax and more in our Advocates segment. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight Feb. 10: Partnership on School Choice

On Capital Tonight: Two opponents on education issues are joining forces to advance school choice options. We talk with former NCAE lobbyist Brian Lewis and Parents for Educational Freedom NC director Darrell Allison. Matt Ellinwood and Bob Luebke take on virtual charter schools and school performance grades in our Insiders segment. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight Feb. 9: NC Democratic Chairwoman Patsy Keever

On Capital Tonight: We meet the new chairwoman of the NC Democratic Party, Patsy Keever, and ask about her goals. Patrick Gannon and Kelly McCullen look at State of the State priorities and if they will make it through the legislature at our reporter roundtable. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight Feb. 6 Coal Ash News Special Preview

On Capital Tonight: We preview the Time Warner Cable News special “Lessons From The Leak: One Year Later” with reporters Andrew Sorensen and Ed Scannell. We get our weekly updates from Jones Street and the economy as well. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight Feb. 5: Reaction to State of the State

On Capital Tonight: We get reaction to the governor’s State of the State address from Rep. John Szoka, Republican from Cumberland County, and Rep. Nathan Baskerville, Democrat from Granville County. The Emerging Issues Forum returns for its 30th year. Anita Brown-Graham gives us preview. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight Feb. 3: State of the State Preview

On Capital Tonight: As the governor puts the final touches of his State of the State address, we ask lawmakers what they want – and what they don’t want – to hear from the governor. Our Insiders Larry Shaheen and Tom Jensen look at the politics of the State of the State address. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight Feb. 2: Rep. Chuck McGrady

On Capital Tonight: On the one-year anniversary of the Dan River coal ash spill, we talk with Rep. Chuck McGrady, author of North Carolina’s coal ash legislation, about where the clean-up efforts stand today and his new position as a head budget writer in the state House. Lynn Bonner of the News & Observer of Raleigh, Erik Spanberg of Charlotte Business Journal, and Senior Political Reporter Loretta Boniti preview the State of the State address at our Reporter Roundtable. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight Jan. 30: Bow Tie Caucus

The Bow Tie Caucus convenes to wrap another busy week in politics. Joe Stewart and Montica Talmadge take a look at the NC Main Street Democrats and look ahead to the State of the State address. Watch the program here.