President Obama’s speech at Mooresville Middle School

President Barack Obama speaks to students at Mooresville Middle School, in Mooresville, NC, on June 6, 2013.

Watch the full speech here.

LaRoque takes the stand in own defense during fraud trial

GREENVILLE — Stephen LaRoque left the Federal Courthouse alongside his wife and her daughter, hugging her goodbye the evening before he could learn whether or not he’s going to jail.

LaRoque testified Tuesday insisting he was entitled to the money he’s taken and spent over the years from the East Carolina Development Company.

LaRoque said his salary was under contract; that he was due three percent of the loans managed.

Which is why prosecutors alluded he kept money sitting in ECDC’s account and accumulated more to increase his pay.

Prosecutors showed the jury documents demonstrating he lent money to fellow members of the republican party who’d helped his campaign.

The government also got LaRoque to admit he put false information on tax documents, but he attributed each wrong move to making a mistake.

But the prosecution pointed out these mistakes added up and ended with LaRoque coming out with 300-thousand dollars that wasn’t his.

While on the stand, LaRoque addressed his charges.

When asked why he’s charged with stealing, he said “It was my money, I didn’t know you could steal your own money.”

On evading taxes, LaRoque said “I made a lot of mistakes. I wish I could go back and change it. I wasn’t trying to do anything illegal; I was never trying to break the law.”

And when asked about the lack of loans given out during the recession, LaRoque said “We didn’t have anyone asking for loans, it was difficult; ECDC had to deny some loan applications and that’s how it accumulated.”

Both sides will wrap up their cases to jurors Wednesday in closing arguments.

– Rebecca Fath

Capital Tonight June 3: Rep. Larry Hall on tax reform








On Capital Tonight: House Democratic Leader Larry Hall talks tax reform proposals, budget talks and serving in the minority, plus reporters roundtable. Watch the full episode here.


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McCrory on tax reform plans

Gov. Pat McCrory

Gov. Pat McCrory sent out this release late this afternoon on the three tax reform plans heard in committee today:

“I believe the bipartisan plan set forth by Senators Fletcher Hartsell and Dan Clodfelter as well as Representative David Lewis’ bill are closest to my position.  After more than five months of serious dialogue with community, business and legislative leaders, we are on the cusp of tax reform. 

“My administration still needs to validate the numbers of each plan to ensure we have sufficient funds to serve the citizens of North Carolina.

“We all share the goals of reducing personal and corporate income taxes. But I cannot support a plan which turns too many North Carolinians into first-time tax collectors.  For instance, we do not want to require a young adult mowing lawns over the summer to collect taxes for his or her services.

“I am also opposed to taxing food and medicine.

“Our ultimate goal is to reduce tax rates for North Carolina families and businesses. The final tax plan must make North Carolina more competitive in order to create jobs and put our people back to work. This in turn will increase state revenue, allowing future tax relief without cutting public services.”

Capital Tonight May 20: Sen. Pete Brunstetter, on budget proposal








On Capital Tonight: The Senate has released its proposed two-year budget. Sen. Pete Brunstetter joins Tim Boyum to discuss the details. Plus, the Greensboro News & Record’s Travis Fain and NC Health News’ Rose Hoban join the reporters roundtable. Watch the full episode here.

Capital Tonight May 14: Senate Pro-Tem Phil Berger








On Capital Tonight: Tim Boyum talks tax reform with Senate Pro-Tem Phil Berger, and our Insiders Brad Crone and Ballard Everette debate the effectiveness of the NAACP’s protests at the General Assembly. Watch the full episode here.

Capital Tonight May 9: NC Values Coalition, Planned Parenthood debate abortion bill








On Capital Tonight, Melissa Reed, from Planned Parenthood and Tami Fitzgerald, of the NC Values Coalition, talk about a bill making its way through the General Assembly that would further restrict abortions in North Carolina, making it illegal to perform an abortion for the purpose of sex selection. Watch the full episode here.

Capital Tonight goes one-on-one with SC-1 Congressional Candidates

News 14 Carolina reporter Kate Gaier caught up with Republican former Gov. Mark Sanford in Mt. Pleasant and Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch in Charleston as they prepare for last-minute campaigning ahead of Tuesday night’s special election.

Capital Tonight May 2: Public Policy Polling’s Tom Jensen








On Capital Tonight: Public Policy Polling’s Tom Jensen breaks down the latest numbers in the U.S Senate race, plus Young Voters Montica Talmadge and Penn Broyhill debate a measure that could allow concealed weapons on North Carolina public university campuses. Watch the full episode here.