Capital Tonight Nov. 4: Redistricting and NC’s Changing Population

captonight_04_jpgOn Capital Tonight: North Carolina is almost certain to gain another seat in Congress. But where that district will be drawn remains to be seen. We talk with Rebecca Tippett of Carolina Demography about how the state’s growing population could affect politics in the future. Our Advocates Rob Schofield and Becki Gray take on redistricting reform and pay raises for UNC chancellors. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight Nov. 3: Digital Marketing in Political Campaigns

capital_tonight_jpgOn Capital Tonight: We look at how political campaigns are using digital marketing to reach voters and show a different side of the candidates. Billy Warden and Brian Lewis join Tim Boyum. Our Insiders Perry Woods and Andy Yates look at municipal races and how they affect state politics. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight Nov. 2: Gov. Pat McCrory and Political Donor Story

captonight_2_jpgOn Capital Tonight: The state’s largest newspapers report that Gov. Pat McCrory brokered a meeting for a friend and political donor who wanted state government contracts renewed. We talk with Bob Hall of Democracy NC and former State Board of Elections member Chuck Winfree. Colin Campbell of the Raleigh News & Observer and Jim Morrill of the Charlotte Observer talk municipal elections at our Reporter Roundtable. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight Oct. 30: Bow Tie Caucus

bowtie_caucus_jpgOn Capital Tonight: The Bow Tie Caucus convenes! Frank Hill and Prof. Scott Huffmon join Tim Boyum to preview next week’s Democratic forum at Winthrop University and more. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight Oct. 29: Gov. Pat McCrory on Immigration Law

gov_pat_jpgOn Capital Tonight: Gov. Pat McCrory sits down with Senior Political Reporter Loretta Boniti about the immigration law, his thoughts on legislative action, and the new UNC president appointment. Republican strategist Marc Rotterman and former state Sen. Malcolm Graham give analysis on the third Republican presidential debate. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight Oct. 28: Gov. McCrory Signs Immigration Law

cap_tonight_28_jpgOn Capital Tonight: Gov. Pat McCrory signed a controversial immigration bill into law that limits the use of IDs and bans sanctuary cities in the state. We talk about the effect of the law with El Pueblo director Angeline Echeverria and Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison. Our Advocates Donald Bryson and Kevin Rogers look at the use of issue ads in the 2016 races. Watch the program here.

NC Governor’s Mansion Site of Persistent Protests

Protests_BetterRALEIGH—Hispanic residents and their supporters have been protesting outside the North Carolina governor’s mansion most evenings this month in hopes of persuading Pat McCrory to veto a bill still on his desk from the General Assembly session.

The “Protect North Carolina Workers” legislation must be acted upon before Friday night or it will become law without McCrory’s signature.

The bill would prevent government officials or police from accepting identification cards issued by the Mexican consulate or by other consulates to affirm someone’s identity. ID cards issued by local governments or outside organizations also are unacceptable.

The bill also seeks to negate “sanctuary city” policies that some local governments in North Carolina carry out.

McCrory hasn’t commented publicly specifically about the bill but is opposed to sanctuary cities.

– Associated Press

Capital Tonight Oct. 26: Margaret Spellings and the UNC System

cap_tonight_26_jpgOn Capital Tonight: Now that the UNC Board of Governors has selected Margaret Spellings as the next president, many wonder how she will run the 17-campus system. We ask Sarah Brown of the Chonicle of Higher education and former UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor James Moeser. Sarah Ovaska of NC Policy Watch and Erik Spanberg of the Charlotte Business Journal join our Reporter Roundtable. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight Oct. 23: Bow Tie Caucus

cap_tonight_23_jpgOn Capital Tonight: The Bow Tie Caucus convenes! Dr. Michael Bitzer of Catawba College and former NC Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr discuss the selection of Margaret Spellings as the new UNC president, and the politics of the Benghazi hearing. Watch the program here.

Capital Tonight Oct. 22: Rep. Leo Daughtry

ct1022_jpgOn Capital Tonight: Rep. Leo Daughtry, (R) Johnston County, talks about his decision to retire from the General Assembly in 2016 and his experience serving in the State House and Senate. Communications guru Billy Warden looks at who is hot and who is not in the 2016 presidential election. Watch the program here.